What do we offer?

GMA SOLAR is a high tech solar energy enterprise. We deliver solar solutions from a single source.

High Technology

Solar Modules

Custom Panels

GMA Solar Stringer Machine

Why solar cells?

Renewable Energy

The sun is always present and even the cloudiest days have some sun power available for the solar panels.

Energy Savings

Fabrication cost of solar cells are much less than other energy generators, because the sun energy is free and the materials used in the solar cell are from the most abundant elements on the earth such as silicon.

Easy Installation

Solar panels are easy to install, typically only needing a few bolts to hold them secure and some basic wiring.

Available Anywhere

Solar panels can be installed anywhere, even what it is powering it is in the shade.

Clean Energy

Solar energy is not in conflict with the issue of natural environment pollution. It helps eliminate the concern of contamination production, which is a direct result of fossil fuel consumption.

Cost Savings

Solar provides cost savings by not having to pay for electricity.